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Frequently asked questions


Q: Do I have to register online? What about using a paper form or attending walk-in registration?
A: We do not hold walk-in registration or use paper forms. All registration is done online.


Q: What do I get as part of my registration fee?
A: All players will receive a team uniform, practices (indoors), games (indoors), & end of season awards. 

Q: Do you offer financial assistance?
A: Yes, we have a Financial Assistance Program to help offset a portion of the registration fees. We do have payment plans to break up the payments in 3.

Q: What is the refund policy for registration fees?
A: 100% of registration fees are refunded if the request is submitted to prior to the skills assessment. After the skills assessment no refunds are given. 

Q: Can I pay my fees with a check?
A: Yes, we only accept credit card payments through the online registration site, but please notify us if you would like to pay with a check.


Q: Can I request that two kids be placed onto the same team if they are friends? What about if they are siblings?
No, we do not accept any friend request due to our draft process. As for siblings, we do allow for them to be drafted together onto the same team if this is what the parent desires. A parent can also request that they not be on the same team. The most important thing we focus on is for the girls to have a healthy competitive environment; and in this case trying to evenly distribute talent throughout the league is our main goal. 

PLEASE REMIND YOUR KIDS THAT THEIR FRIENDS WERE ONCE STRANGERS & THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE MORE FRIENDS. As teams change every season we see players from different teams greet each other and encourage one another more because they played with those players previously and are now friends. LETS ENCOURAGE THIS :)

Q: Can I request a particular coach for my child?
A: Players are evaluated and then drafted by coaches. Therefore it is not possible to request a coach via our registration process.

Q: Why does my child have to attend a skills evaluation? 
A: We have skills evaluation for the purpose of trying to make the teams as fair and balanced as possible. Players do not have to try-out to "make" the team. Experience has shown that unbalanced teams, either too strong or too weak, can discourage some players and parents. Although you cannot always tell which player is going to "bloom" during the season and exceed everyone's expectations, it is much more likely to get uneven teams when we place players on teams without seeing them. All players MUST attend the skills evaluation to be drafted. If your child is injured, he or she still must attend the evaluation to be introduced to the coaches.


Q: Can you tell me more about practices?
A: Practices schedules vary from division and full schedule will be given once teams are formed. 

Q: What level of team commitment is expected for practices and games?
A: We understand that most kids have many commitments to juggle and it is our sincere hope that GYB ranks high when families decide which activity to attend. This is especially important as we always have a wait list and we would rather have kids who are in attendance than kids frequently missing due to other conflicts. Families should be thoughtful of this prior to registration. Absent players impact the team chemistry & skill progression of the team. We want to be respectful of the time of our volunteer coaches and when kids are frequently absent this negatively impacts everyone involved. Please be thoughtful of this when making family plans or scheduling vacations. 

Q: How much of the game will my child get to play in? How long is each game?
A: GYB games consist of four (4) quarters each of eight to ten (8-10) minutes in length. Each child is required at least 8 minutes minimum of playing time each game.

Q: What size basketball is used for each division?
A: Our league uses a 28.5 inch ball for all divisions.


Q: Are jersey sizes final?

A: All jersey sizes are final and will be finalized at the mandatory skills assessment with jersey fitting.

Q: What if the jersey ordered does not fit?

A: If they jersey ordered does not fit after being finalized there will be an additional payment in order to receive another size.

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