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All of our GYB coaches volunteer their time. Many may say there is a lack of quality in coaching when it comes to volunteering, but that is not the case with our GYB coaches. All of our coaches go through a thorough background check and must attend our mandatory coaches clinic every season. All of our GYB coaches have a background in basketball. Most GYB coaches have played high school, college, or professionally. Many of our coaches currently play in the Women's Basketball League and are great role models for the young girls. Our coaches main objective is to always ensure the safety and development of the girls. At the end of the day our GYB coaches main motivation for coaching every week will always be the girls they coach.



Team: Storm

I started playing basketball since when I was a grade school back in the philippines, I was a high school varsity for 4 years and 1 year in college , until I got here at U.S. I played at San Diego FilAm league & Tarkanian league Las Vegas. Now I'm applying my knowledge and skills on coaching for GYB of Las Vegas and also teaching young kids the basic fundamentals of basketball.



Team: Fever

I started playing basketball at a young age and continued to play with family and friends as well as adult leagues.  Because of the mentors that i've had growing up, and the way I was coached inspired me to pass on the knowledge to the youth.  I enjoy watching the kids develop the skills, talent and character as they grow as an individual.  For the 2 years that I have assisted and coached, I have seen the players learn the fundamentals and the game of basketball.  



Team: Miracle

I played varsity basketball all 4 years in high school. And for some time for the USMC and 1 year for cypress college. I've coached for 5 years at the high school and jr high level. I love the game because it provides a positive environment for young people and because it taught me how to be selfless at a very young age.



Team: Mystics

 I started playing basketball when I was 5 years old and have been playing on and off for the last 20 years. It is definitely a passion of mine and I hope i can continue to play for many years to come. It is the best and my favorite type of cardio and there is nothing more fun than being on the court with my girls playing the game we love!  My coaching experience started in 2010 when I coached youth basketball for Performance Basketball Clinics every summer in Hawaii. I have now coached 2 seasons of GYB and can’t wait for the third !



Team: Storm

My name is Brian Segawa and I started playing basketball at the age of 8.  I've played for 10 years in an organization located in Gardena California called the F.O.R club.  We have played other teams of different cities in this organization such as Venice, San Fernando, West L.A. etc. throughout Southern California.  Our team was undefeated for the first 8 years because our coach was outstanding in  his teaching skills, discipline, and most important sportsmanship. We understand that winning is not the most important concept in any sport.  It's about participating the best you can, teamwork, and the hard work you put in will pay off.  That's what creates confidence and encouragement in people especially for these young girls.  I have been a coach for the Special Olympics team and little league in Gardena for a couple years after the league was over for me. I have been an assistant couch for the Boys and Girls Club for one season two years ago and when my daughter showed a love for this sport that's what sparked my attention to become a coach.   I am honored to be accepted as a coach for the GYB and looking forward to passing on the valuable teachings and lessons that was taught to me playing basketball.



Team: Stars

I am a full time college student and I am a Cadet in the Army National Guard. I grew up watching basketball and have been analyzing and admiring the game for 10 years now. I often play with friends and college players, and I study play designs and the fundamentals on my free time. As a coach, I would like to instill discipline and leadership in the players while also teaching them that the game is all about having fun and learning to work with others to accomplish a common goal.



Team: Liberty

I grew up with basketball being the family sport. Coach Nikki and I won a 6th grade championship together and have played up to a collegiate level. Playing on various teams has taught me valuable life lessons; i.e. communication, hard work, dedication, teamwork, discipline, leadership, diversity, confidence, sportsmanship, etc...
I have coached and assisted elementary and high school coaches. I am excited to coach these young girls and share my experiences. My goal is to provide a fun, positive environment whereby each one of our teammates develops on and off the court!



Team: Lynx

Growing up the most important part of my life was basketball. The game has built my character unlike any other experience I’ve had. What I value the most is the relationships a player builds with each of their teammates. Through win and through loss a team always has each other’s backs & they end up forming a relationship incomparable to any other. I’m still great friends with each of my teammates from school & I owe it all to the sport!



Team: Suns

Erin Bies is an entrepreneur, basketball enthusiast, Mom of 2 and Military Veteran that starts playing in middle school and it taught her to lead and work as a team. She’s coached high school freshman in Southern New Mexico and multiple girl’s teams and is super passionate about creating a ripple effect of girls becoming women with vision!



Team: Storm

Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Harry has lived in Las Vegas for almost 11 years.  He started coaching youth basketball when he was 15 years old.  Growing up, Harry has played Intramural basketball from 3rd grade to college.  His love of coaching basketball has come from watching the great Coach K from Duke and how the team approaches each game. 



Team: Sparks

The game of basketball has changed my life. I started playing at a later age than most and only did because a coach saw something in me and encouraged me to give it a shot. I grew up playing all sports but nothing excited me like dribbling that ball...even shooting around at the park on my own lit a fire in me. Not only did I love the competition, but I made lifelong friendships with my teammates. My high school coach taught me about more than basketball...she taught me respect, hard work, discipline, and teamwork. Having the opportunity to coach young girls from elementary school to high school and build them up into beautiful young women the same way my coaches did is and has been an honor and a privilege.



Team: Comets

I've always loved basketball since I was young.  I guess the fast pace, action and athleticism always appealed to me.  But what really drove me was when I didn't make my junior high team.  That inspired me to work harder, learn the game and improve all around.  I was blessed to play basketball in high school and college as well as in city leagues here in town when I returned from college.  While my children were growing up, I coached them (boys and girls) in soccer, teeball, softball and basketball.  I am really looking forward to coaching these girls and teaching sportsmanship as well as basketball skills.



Team: Wings

Basketball is an important part of my life.  Basketball has opened doors, built friendships and relieved stress.   In high school, I lived and breathed basketball and excelled on a small high school team in upstate New York.  In 1989, I was accepted into and attended a prestigious college, in part, because I was recruited to play basketball for the Yale University Women’s Basketball team.  Ultimately I did not play for the team, but played intramural basketball. Our success translated into invitations to national three v. three tournaments and a 1991 championship game at the Boston Celtics’ Garden arena.



Team: Rockers

My name is Jason Stephens I’ve played basketball in high school and I’ve been coaching for the past 3 years. I got into coaching when my daughter grew a love for the game and thought I’d get more involved in her growth. I enjoy coaching and teaching kids the fundamentals of this great sport and encouraging kids that hard work pays off. I look forward to coaching for GYB, it’s a great organization and their number one priority aligns with mines, the growth and development of the kids.



Team: Monarchs

I've been playing basketball since the age of three. Basketball has always been a passion of mine. Coaching allows me to share my skills and passion of the game with individuals that truly love the game as much as I do. Teaching through sports!



Team: Sparks

My name is Jozet. I have been playing for organized leagues and for fun since high school which has been over 10 years ago! I am currently playing on the Las Vegas Women’s League for the Sonics team! As for Girl’s Youth Basketball, this will be my 2nd season as a coach. My dad and brother got me into basketball at such a young age and I am and will forever be hooked :).



Team: Mercury

Justin grew up playing basketball in a small town in the Northern California Sierra Mountains. He played and attended Columbia JC. While attending college Justin started coaching at the high school and middle school he attended. In 2004 Justin moved to Las Vegas and began coaching at Tarkanian Basketball Academy. He coached at TBA for ten years and spent two of those years as the director. Justin carried on Coach Jerry Tarkanian’s “Rural Clinic Tour” with Danny Tarkanian throughout Nevada’s small towns where they set up free basketball clinics for children of all ages. Justin is a big believer in fundamental basketball and mental toughness. 



Team: Shock

My name is Maurice Johnson. Everyone calls me Reese. I’m the last of 10 children from rural Greenwood, Mississippi. My parents raised all of us with a strong belief in God, hardwork pays off and treating people the way we want to be treated. You can’t get anything in life unless you GIVE something. Basketball has been there for me as a youth and even more for me now at this stage in my life. I’ve coached in a few local leagues and seeing the kids get excited when they learn something new or accomplish a goal is truly rewarding and amazing!  With GYB having an entire league dedicated to girls with emphasis on empowerment, being strong and dedicated is very beautiful and precious platform for their development! I’m very thankful to be a part of it and provide some inspiration for their future!



Team: Mystics

I love the game of basketball because it keeps me in shape and the team work with my close friends.  The only coaching I had was with GYB for 5th and 6th graders. I’ve been playing basketball ever since I was young growing up and watching my dad play in the men’s league. Started officially playing organized basketball in 4th grade. My grade school made an exception for a 4th grader to play. It was suppose to be 5th and above. Also played club basketball outside from school. Played varsity in high my freshman year and then for fun in college.



Team: Aces & Fire

“I am just an everyday father who loves to spend time with my daughters and encourage them in life. I have played a little basketball in my time. I am looking forward to teaching and learning through this coaching experience “



Team: Lynx

My name is MorningRose Tobey I’m 23 years old and have been playing basketball since the 5th grade. I played for the University of Nevada Reno and this will be my second season with GYB. I’ve been coaching for a year now and have ran individual and team camps, as well as training throughout the years. I fell in love with basketball because I love the adrenaline rush of scoring and making great plays. It’s a healthy outlet that I used to get to college and also the main sport played on reservations in the Native American community that keeps us culturally connected! 



Team: Liberty

I grew up with basketball being the family sport. Coach Debbie and I won a 6th grade championship together and have played up to a collegiate level. Playing on various teams has taught me valuable life lessons; i.e. communication, hard work, dedication, teamwork, discipline, leadership, diversity, confidence, sportsmanship, etc...

I have coached and assisted elementary and high school coaches. I am excited to coach these young girls and share my experiences. My goal is to provide a fun, positive environment whereby each one of our teammates develops on and off the court!



Team: Rockers

My name is Onica but I go by “Coach Nelly” Nelly is my basketball nick name from high school. I played basketball from middle school up until my first year of college and have so much love for the game. My daughter wanting to play inspired me to be a coach. Coaching to me is the most beautiful, powerful, and influential positions a person can ever have. I have been coaching for about 3 years now and take very much pride in it. I am very excited and dedicated to coaching with GYB. I plan to be a great leader and role model while making them better athletes. I am very passionate will show the girls my love for coaching. I plan to set a good example so my girls will play with passion love dedication and learn the value of team work!



Team: Mystics

I have been playing basketball since I was 7 years old and continue to play. I love the game because it has taught me life lessons like discipline, hard work, teamwork, and how to lose. I love playing basketball with my friends and it’s just fun. Moving from Hawaii to Las Vegas I have made a lot of new friends from basketball. The only coaching experience I have is coaching and working with GYB. I have coached two seasons with 5th and 6th graders. My past two seasons were amazing and the girls were awesome. I have played basketball since I was young from playing in club to high school to playing in a women’s league here in Vegas.



Team: Mercury

 Started playing basketball at a very young age using a tennis ball and my home made metal hanger converted to a rim with my mom's hosiery as net! (emulating players from the Celtics Lakers rivalry era, use your imagination, don't want to date myself too much). As a young kid, was shocked with transition to an official size basketball and a towering 10 foot basket! Found dribbling dynamics & other fundamentals transferred smoothly despite the size & height variances. In retrospect, wouldn't change a thing. What a fantastic Segway to the sport. Played at school teams (both high school & college), community leagues, various club competitions and employment's multi company tournaments.



Team: Wings

Basketball is my first love and I have been playing for 20+ years. This is my second season with GYB and I couldn't be more excited. I had the privilege of playing and serving as team captain all four years of high school and continue to play in recreation leagues regularly, including the Las Vegas Women's Basketball League. Basketball has taught me resiliency, cooperation, and leadership and I am passionate about developing and teaching players the same skills that helped shape me as a player and person. I currently work at Nevada State College where I manage and develop academic success programs and services for college students. As a college educator, I incorporate teaching and learning strategies into my coaching and I firmly believe that if you have the desire and passion, you can learn to do anything. 



Team: Sky & Sting

 Dr. Robinson is a former Colonial Athletic Association division one scholar-athlete and collegiate coach with nearly forty years of basketball experience. His love for the game, commitment to player development, and ability to communicate has allowed him to successfully mentor numerous student-athletes both on and off the court. As a professor at UNLV, consultant, coach and volunteer for numerous agencies, Dr. Robinson continues to mentor the next generation in various capacities locally and beyond. 

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Team: Shock

 I have always loved the game of basketball. One of the ultimate team sports. Basketball teaches individuals to play as a team. As a player it’s not enough to practice and develop your own skills but, you must learn to function as a teammate. I believe in putting kids in positions to learn leadership skills and become team leaders on the basketball court. My coaching philosophy is to develop fundamentals, improve individual play while learning how to function on a high-performance team. Accountability, sportsmanship and character are important to me which I instill on any team I coach. My love for coaching started when my 6-year-old daughter started to play basketball. Watching her learn and develop skills has been a great motivation to help other kids with the same desire to improve themselves. I have been coaching youth basketball for 4 years and have met great people every step of the way. I love to learn from other coaches, teams and anyone that is willing to share knowledge with me. Life is about constant improvement. My goal as a coach in the GYB league is to make learning and playing basketball fun. I believe when kids are having fun they will compete, learn and develop as a team at a much higher level. Skills that will help in life long after the basketball season.  



Team: Stars

 My name is Brian Wendt and I am a United States Air Force Veteran. I have a love for coaching/playing just about any sport. This will be my first year with GYB and I couldn’t be more excited. Basketball to me has always been a way to escape the stress of the world and compete with others no matter what your skill set is while always having fun. I am a hard working dedicated coach who will always leave it all out on the court. My goal is to help instill skills in the kids that they can carry with them in their everyday lives and improve their behavior on and off the court.



Team: Comets

I’m Varon Sumler, I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Kathy for 12 years and we have 3 kids. I enjoy hanging with my family, stand up comedy, good music, and all sports.

Ive been playing basketball as long as I can remember, all through high school, and I continue to play as an adult. Ive been an assistant coach for my daughters b-ball teams over the last few years as well. I love the game, I love what it teaches us; dedication, discipline, and hard work.

I strive to help raise up the younger generation to learn the value of hard work and good sportsmanship. I don’t coach to win, I coach to learn; winning is just a plus.

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