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OPEN (5th & 6th graders)

GYB mystics

TUE 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Reynolds Boys & Girls Club2980 Robindale Rd.Henderson, NV 89074


THURSDAYS 6:00pm - 7:00pm

- September 21st

- September 28th
- October 12th
- October 19th
October 26th

COACH CARLY_edited.jpg

Coach Carly

I was born in Las Vegas and I have been playing basketball since the 3rd grade. My dad coached my teams up until high school where I played Varsity basketball for all 4 years of high school. Playing basketball with a team has always brought me so much joy in being able to connect with teammates and work towards a common goal. Basketball has taught me discipline and perseverance in many other areas of life. To stay connected with the game I played in college through the recreational league. I coached two elementary age boys teams while in college and went on to coach my now adult daughters in their recreation leagues here in Henderson. I am looking forward to the opportunity to coach my youngest daughter this season. 


Coach Tiffany

I have an extensive background in basketball, playing since I was 5 years old until collage. My coaching journey began by organizing and leading kids’ camps. However, my true passion lies in basketball’s ability to cultivate discipline, teamwork, and personal growth. Witnessing the transformative power of the sport on both physical skills and character development is what fuels my love for basketball and my dedication to coaching.

GYB mystics

Aaliyah  Goodman

GYB mystics

Addison Aldis

GYB mystics

Berkley Trummell

GYB mystics

Hayleigh Whitfield

GYB mystics

Heather Cole

GYB mystics

Jayde Senter

GYB mystics

Peyton Hankins

GYB mystics

Sophia Standiford

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